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Sepi's vision is inspired by the realm of artistic creation and the influence of early life in Iran, attending the French School. With this aspiring creative perspective, she incorporated the versatility of design as an intense, beautiful mixture of western and eastern cultures.


​​Heavily influenced by years living in and traveling through Europe, Sepi's artistic vision took on another dimension. After moving to the US in 1984, she continued her education in interior architecture and later founded Sepi Designs international. 


She has a rare ability to visualize the possibilities of any space. Sépi has a great sense of style, which combined with her willingness to push the boundaries, translates to unique and beautiful designs by integrates the natural elements of earth, water, fire, metal, and air into each project. The resulting design fuses a respect for the ancient with a clean, sleek modernism to create environments that are truly timeless, life enhancing, sensual and low maintenance. 


She developed a passion for not only interior design, but also photography and branding. She loves anything and everything modern with a touch of vintage or history. A perfect mélange of old and new together to create harmony in space.  Her design is about serenity, simplicity, harmony, open spaces and clean lines. 

"A space cannot be truly beautiful unless it functions in harmony with who we are..."



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