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Our specialty is everything and anything MODERN with a touch of VINTAGE or HISTORY. A perfect Mélange to create BALANCE and HARMONY in space. We believe in an UNLIMITED POSSIBILITY!

We offer a full-service interior design encompassing Residential, Commercial, and Hospitality, from large-scale to small RENOVATION and new CUSTOM homes. We provide Consultation, CONCEPT DESIGN, CREATIVE SPACE PLANING, KITCHEN & BATH DESIGN, Furnishings, PRODUCT DESIGN, Digital MOOD BOARDS, Virtual Reality Walkthrough, 3D RENDERING & 3D VISUALIZING. Our service is an ongoing engagement to assist from concept, through execution, to completion of your project.


Residential & Spa

We offer full-service interior design for New Custom homes, large-scale Renovations, Hospitality, Spas, complete Furnishing, and Styling. Our role is to Custom-made our service that best fits your needs with the most outstanding architectural details.

Image by Rune Enstad


Our specialty is everything and anything Modern with a touch of Vintage or History. A perfect Mélange to create Balance and Harmony in space. We believe in an unlimited possibility. Our immersive experiences are curated to help you feel more grounded, inspired, and connected to yourself and your goals.



The latest Collections are the line between art and function. Bold statements in form and classically versatile palette. From Modern to Art Deco, with the Organic materials in Design to create a perfect Balance and Harmony in Space.

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